Medical Cannabis

For patients interested in obtaining a certification for Medicinal Cannabis (Medical Marijuana):

Please have your doctor fax your medical records regarding your diagnosis/treatment/labs/consultants, etc. to  Dr. Davis (fax 410-902-1933). Click on one of the medical release forms and fill it out.  There are 2 choices:   One is a general release form (click HERE) asking your doctor to send your medical records to Dr. Davis.  The other form (click HERE) specifically lets your doctor know that your records are being requested because you would like to start Medicinal Cannabis (Medical Marijuana).

Click HERE for the Patient Medical History Form. Please fill it out and bring it  with you to your first appointment with Dr. Davis. Insurance does not pay for cannabis certification visits. Dr. Davis will take the time to help educate her patients about the available products, their uses, possible side effects and risks, as well as the expected benefits. Please contact the office for office fees.  The certification must be renewed annually in order to continue to obtain medical cannabis.

Please go to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Website and register for an ID number (can do this prior to your visit with Dr. Davis or you can do it after your visit with Dr. Davis). Once you receive your ID number from MMCC and Dr. Davis has given you a certification, you may purchase your medicinal cannabis (medical marijuana) products at any Maryland Cannabis Dispensary. Many of the dispensaries are also growers, so the products that they carry may vary from one dispensary to another.